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Implant Dentistry FAQ's

Will I have a tooth right away after the surgery and what will it look like?

There are two implant dentistry phases: the first phase is the surgical phase which entails physically placing the implant into the bone - it is not touched for several months afterwards to allow for stress-free healing. You may get a temporary tooth in the meantime. The second phase involves uncovering the implant to begin the short process of actual crown fabrication.

Is the implant dentistry process painful?

Most patients would say that the level of discomfort was so low that one or two aspirins made them 100% comfortable. Sometimes, pain is associated with the need for prescription-strength Motrin or Advil and very occasionally, codeine. Swelling can occur and if it does it will decrease by the second, or rarely, the third day.

What happens if I don't replace a missing tooth with an implant?

The adjacent teeth can be affected as the biting forces change in the area adjacent to the open space. Therefore, your bite can change and cause damage to the jaw joint (TMJ). Another consequence is the loss of bone that occurs with non-replacement of a lost tooth.

How do I take care of my implant?

Your implant will never decay. It will, however, collect plaque and be subject to bone loss. The success of your implant is dependent on our support through regular cleanings in our office and your daily oral home care. With your new implant, you can eat, talk, laugh and smile with confidence.

Why should I come to this office for my dental implants?

Because our office offers implant reconstruction by a specially trained implantologist who is also a prosthodontist. Normally, you would have to visit two dentists in two offices, one to do the implant placement and another to do the reconstruction.

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