Comprehensive First Visit

Oral Examination

Your cosmetic dentist will listen to your concerns and desires to better formulate a treatment plan tailored to your needs. A thorough medical history, soft tissue exam, oral cancer screening, and periodontal evaluation will follow

Periodontal Evaluation

This stage is performed to document and assess your gingiva, plaque, and calculus levels, as well as diagnosing periodontal disease, and planning periodontal maintenance or further treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

The focus is to address any of your desires and concerns, while putting the priority of esthetics in perspective. For patients desiring cosmetic treatment, before and after photos of completed cosmetic dentistry cases are presented so that you may see what results can be expected. Through a computer imaging system, we can use your photo and enhance it to show you what you will look like after cosmetic treatment has been performed.

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First Visit

Involves a comprehensive oral evaluation that considers past and present dental and medical information. Your cosmetic dentist will work with you to create a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Diagnostic Tools

We use leading oral diagnostic tools in order to diagnose any existing conditions  and formulate a comprehensive plan designed specifically for you.


On your first cosmetic dentistry visit, your periodontal condition will be assessed through diagnostic images and documentation of your pocket levels. You will then receive a thorough dental cleaning.

Photos & Morphing

Digital photographs of your teeth and smile will be taken. By uploading these photos into a special computer enhancement and morphing software, we can show you the results of any cosmetic dentistry procedure on your smile, before the work actually begins!


Diagnostic Tools

Computer Diagnostic images

A full-mouth series of computer diagnostic images are taken to aid in the diagnosis of caries, periodontal disease, and root pathology. In cases of full-mouth rehabilitation or dental implants, panoramic diagnostic images that capture your lower facial structures in their entirety may be taken. New digital imaging procedures allow us to obtain higher definition films while reducing your exposure to radiation up to 90%.

Intraoral Camera

An invaluable tool in today’s dentistry, the intraoral camera makes diagnosis and doctor-patient communication easier. The doctor can better visualize conditions such as tooth fracture, leaking margins of existing restorations, and recurrent decay. You can see what the doctor sees, visualize the diagnosis, and have a better understanding of your oral health. Before and after cosmetic dentistry photos can be taken and given to you so that you may see the improvement, and supply your insurance company with verifications.


Probing measures the distance from gum level to the level of gum attachment to your tooth. If this measurement is deep, then a periodontal pocket is present and periodontal treatment may be necessary. Probing is carried out at your initial visit, and then at each of your hygiene visits in order to have an ongoing, developing assessment of your periodontal health. Computerized charting allows us to keep track of your condition, and to quickly address any new problems.

Oral Cancer Screening

In addition to a visual exam conducted by your doctor, ViziLite is an invaluable tool used in our office to diagnose oral cancer in its early stages. After you rinse with a citric acid wash, a chemiluminescent light is used to illuminate any abnormal tissues. These tissues may be the onset of oral cancer. If any abnormal tissue is found, a referral is immediately made for further evaluation and treatment.An oral cancer screening is conducted at your initial visit, and then once every year.

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Photos & Morphing