Dr. Iott is the best dentist I have ever been to, and I have recommended many friends who say the same thing. He does the cleanings himself (which I love) and is super thorough. He is also not one of those dentists who will recommend major (and expensive) procedures when you don't need them.

Seema G.

Dr. Michael Iott DDS


His specialty areas are esthetics and advanced computer dentistry. Dr. Iott has always been the first when it comes to bringing advanced technology into private practice, including the first dental milling computer (CEREC 3D) in the United states, the first BriteSmile technology of its type used today, as well as advanced methods of antisepsis and sterilization.

As of September 2001, he has been devoting time to a professorship at NYU School of Dentist, as part of the Advanced Program for International Dentists, as well as private research. In this esthetics program, he teaches students from all over the world in his private office. Presently, he has been writing journal articles on computer esthetics.


Dr. Michael Iott DDS


He is an avid chef, having graduated from Michigan State University's Hotel Restaurant School and comes from a farm village of French Canadian ancestry - and in typical small town style, lives above the office.


For fun, Dr. Iott has a house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he spends at least one week every month. At this point in time Dr. Iott has limited his personal practice to computer dentistry and esthetics. He is well known for his one-day smile reconstruction, which Departures has featured.



"Gnashers to Die For"

In Ireland, every time I open my mouth someone starts staring at my new teeth. A too-candid friend said: "In the name of God, where'd you get the teeth?"

Nuala O'faolain