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Questions to Ask a Cosmetic Dentist

1. Will the cosmetic dentistry procedures Dr. Iott suggests really work?

Yes! Years ago, dental technology and procedures were quite limited. Many treatments did not last long because of the wear and tear of the mouth over long periods of time. The options for replacing or repairing teeth, while they helped to improve oral health, were not aesthetically pleasing.

Today, technology is bursting at the seams with new and improved ways to fix cavities, repair teeth, replace missing teeth, eliminate stains...the list of solutions has expanded to solve virtually every challenge of the human mouth. Many cosmetic dentists offer in-house or other dental financing as well, solving the issue of cost. There is no reason that you cannot achieve the smile you've always wanted with the procedures currently available.

2. What kinds of cosmetic dental procedures are available?

Cosmetic dental treatment is a broad term for a variety of cosmetic procedures designed to correct or enhance issues with your teeth. Teeth whitening, correcting "gummy", crooked, misaligned or gapped smiles, and the use of porcelain or bonding for restoration are all included in cosmetic dentistry.

3. How long do most cosmetic dental procedures take?

Since each patient's needs are unique, it's not possible to say exactly how many hours or how many visits it will take to correct your smile and give you the pleasing appearance you desire. Often, procedures can be completed in just one or two visits. Your free cosmetic dentistry consultation with Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Iott is the perfect time to ask these questions.

4. Is cosmetic dentistry suitable to correct all my dental needs?

Depending on the corrections, improvements or enhancements you require, other specialists may need to be consulted. Perhaps you'll need an orthodontist to fit you with braces to move your teeth into a better position. Or you may need bone surgery if decay has spread to the gums and jawbone. It's possible that you might require implant surgery to restore missing teeth. Other needs may be root canal therapy or tooth extraction. These are just a few of the dental specialties that may be needed to bring about the very best results.

5. Is it worth all of the time it will take and the cost?

Contrary to common opinion, you don't have to spend a small fortune on cosmetic dentistry. Some of the cost can be absorbed through dental insurance. For some, a few simple procedures, such as teeth whitening, may be all that is needed. Even for those for whom dental insurance is not available or will not cover procedure costs, such as with porcelain veneers, the results are so outstanding it is worth the time and effort to speak to Dr. Iott to work out a treatment plan and a payment plan. The boost to your self-esteem is worth every penny. And with computer imaging, you can see what your results will look like before any work is done.

6. Is it true that a new smile can really change my life?

If you've spent years covering your smile or, worse yet, not smiling at all, Dr. Iott can give you back a brilliant, beautiful smile you can feel proud of. Restoring your smile can literally restore your life. It's like a new haircut or a new wardrobe, putting the spring back in your step and opening a world of possibilities for the new, more confident you.

Cosmetic dentistry is no longer available only to celebrities and rich people. Don't wait any longer to take advantage of all of the benefits cosmetic dentistry can bring to your smile, your oral health and your life. Call the caring, friendly New York dentistry staff of Dr. Michael Iott's New York City Dentist practice today to arrange for your free consultation. You'll be glad you did!


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